Açaí Berry


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Travel to Brazil through this fragrance.

Açaí berry is a native fruit from the Amazon forest. In the North of Brazil, the fruit is pureed and served with manioc flour and fish. However, in the southern regions, it is much more common to see people eating this fruit as a sweet paste, mixed with syrup and other fruits. Better known as açaí bowl.

Elevate your surroundings, embrace the tropical vibes, and make your home an exotic sanctuary today!

Container and Trigger made of PET - Recyclable and Reusable. BPA free.

Room and Linen Spray (don't stain fabrics)

150ml - Made in Ireland


5 reviews for Açaí Berry

  1. Ursula Gardeazabal

    Acai spray is the best spray I’ve ever bought, so delicious and fresh, can’t wait to buy more!!

  2. Bibianna Fernandes

    Here in our home we can’t stay without this açaí spray, the smell feels so good and we make sure to always buy it when is about to finish. I’m so glad we found Joelles, because I already love so much the candles but this spray is just my favourite, highly recommend! Thank you

  3. Jose Andrade

    Smelling so delicious and the freshness is just amazing.

  4. Nana

    This is simply the best fragrance I’ve ever tried! The room smells fresh for so long after spraying it. The fragrance is citrusy and zesty but there’s a twist of sweetness as well. I love it and recommend! Especially if it’s your first purchase, you can’t go wrong with this scent.

  5. Diego

    I can’t get enough of this scent, my house smells amazing after I discover this acai berry spray! I really recommend to everyone!

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