Enchanted Christmas Box


A tasty gift that will brighten up your Christmas. We have combined the two best gifts to give this Christmas, a box of finest Irish chocolate full of flavour and an aromatic candle with that unforgettable Christmas fragrance. Lift your spirits and infuse your space with the warmth and cosiness of this captivating scent, it's like giving any home a luxurious Christmas hug.

Chocolate Delights: Sweetest of holiday treats with a selection of the best chocolates truffles. Each bite is a piece of pure happiness, perfect for sharing with loved ones or savouring all to yourself.

Candlelight Magic: Our scented candle, carefully chosen for its warm and comforting fragrance, will infuse your home with the cosy ambiance of the holiday season. Light it up and let the gentle, flickering glow create a sense of Christmas magic.

Enchanted Christmas Box Contents:
1 Finest Truffle Box from Butlers - 95g
1 Soy Wax Candle Tin - 250ml
A delicate and luxurious gift box with a transparent lid to give you the full view of this magic gift.



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